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Through extensive data analysis by our experts, we create item ID bidding with the best return on investment to optimize your marketing campaign. Using the Google Shopping features, we create campaigns that target your products to suitable target markets. This ensures maximized outreach to potential clients with a high rate of conversions due to a target-specific digital advertising strategy.

By developing interactions between physical and digital products and services, the target market can access what you offer. This will translate to sales boost as the campaign targets specific audiences that need your products or services.

Optimization of your pages to increase conversion rates will be applied to get the best out of your digital property. We bring creativity and intelligent data insights to guide successful digital marketing goal achievement.

How does it work?

Are you looking to implement a foolproof influencer strategy but you don’t know where to begin? Continue reading to learn more about ITMPRESS flawless influencer strategy and how we can help you maximize your influencers potential.


We provide a client-centered plan that takes into account the objective of your business, brand, and budget. Our Influencer marketing experts have worked on thousands of campaigns and they know what is just right for you. Contact us and let us help with an exquisite influencer strategy designed for you.

Talent management

We take care of all the business for you: the ITMPRESS team has perfected the art of vetting influencers, exploring influencer audiences to determine if they are your business’s target audience, and interviewing influencers on your behalf before shortlisting the suitable applicants which offer the best services at the best rate.

Campaign reporting

We don’t leave our work unfinished! We ensure we provide you with detailed insight into the overall campaign after it has kicked off. We scrutinize the reach, engagement metrics and most importantly suggest ways to further optimize your campaign for much better influencer performance.

How to kick off your next influencer campaign

In the few steps below, you can be enjoying your biggest influencer campaign! Continue reading to understand the ITMPRESS process!


Our campaigns run from one day up to two months.  The campaigns normally take into consideration new product launches and marketing deals such as Black Friday and festive seasons.

All our campaigns are client-centered. We ensure the campaign is aligned with your objectives, your budget, and the size of your business. If you are launching a new product we make the campaign about the product, if it’s a new brand we tailor the campaign to the product. All we do is find out what you want the campaign to do for you then we come up with just what is right for you.

All social media channels including Facebook, WeChat, Linked In, Tik Tok, Blogs, Webinars, and Instagram are used. However, Instagram has proved to be one of the most used, tried, and tested channels for influencer marketing. 

As soon as we have agreed on the rate and the initial deposit is paid, we hit the ground running vetting influencers, researching the target market, and provide the campaign brief within 5 working days.


Once an agreement is reached on the cost of the campaign, a list of freelancers to work on the campaign and their rates is sent to you. After the work is done, we will invoice you their fees for payment.


When implementing the campaign, they can be part of our campaign management process.


We will be glad to assist you to come up with a campaign that will work for your agency and your clients.

The briefing can take the first 2 to 3 weeks before the process of freelancer vetting begins.


 We can assist you to find the right content creators for your business.

You can use the content from the paid campaign in any of your social channels however you should credit the content creator.

Our solutions are derived from the client’s business process, therefore we can create content for tech companies, retails, hospitality services, transport, logistics, manufacturing, and many more.

This entirely depends on the campaign; however, we can tailor your campaign to your budget. Get in touch for more information.

Get in touch with us today for the best influencer management services and result-driven campaigns at an affordable cost!